Italian dinner parties are the perfect way to connect with friends and family. There’s nothing like gathering with the people you love around a table with delicious Italian food. If there’s one thing that Italians know, it’s how to celebrate the simple joys of life, like fantastic food and wonderful company. 

An Italian dinner party is perfect for any occasion or no occasion at all. Just gathering together is reason enough to celebrate. Use these tips to create a warm, festive, and fabulous Italian dinner party with friends and family:

Invite The People You Love

Italians express their love with food, so it makes sense to invite everyone you love to your home to share delicious Italian food with them. Don’t skimp on the portions, and make sure there’s plenty of food for seconds and thirds because this party could go on all night. 

Bring Everyone To The Table With An Antipasto

No Italian dinner party starts without an antipasto or appetizer. Charcuterie boards packed with Italian delicacies like prosciutto, salami, and other meats are popular appetizers at Italian dinner parties. Soups, bruschetta, and other appetizers can also be served so guests can experience all of Italy’s bounty on their plates. 

Create Perfect Pairings

No Italian dinner party is complete without wine. A good host offers three wines: a sparkling wine like prosecco, a red wine, and a white wine. Offer the white wine during the antipasto, serve the red with dinner, and the prosecco should be served with dessert. Prosecco can also be offered during the antipasto. For a special treat, chill some Sambuca and serve it after dessert to finish the meal. 

Celebrate Primi, Secondi, and Dolci

All Italian dinners should have at least three courses: the primi, secondi, and dolci. After the antipasto, guests should be given some time to drink and chat before the prime. The prime is the first dinner dish served. It’s traditionally a light pasta, risotto, or soup. After that comes second, which is the heaviest course. This is historically the meat course when fish or meat is served with pasta and sauce. 

Dolci is dessert, the sweet treat to finish off the meal. It can be as simple as a cookie table where guests can help themselves or as elaborate as a full-plated dessert. Coffee and biscotti are a great way to end a fabulous Italian dinner party. 

Bricco Salumeria Can Help You Host The Perfect Event

An Italian dinner party celebrates life, love, and food. You and your guests should enjoy each other’s company and the delicious Italian food throughout the party. Let Bricco Salumeria cater your Italian dinner party with our fantastic menu options! Visit us in the North End to see how we can liven up your next gathering!