Guide To The Best Vegan Italian Catering Options

People may not think about vegan dishes when they think about delicious Italian food. However, many delicious vegan foods capture the spirit and flavor of regional Italian cuisine. 

Throughout history, most people ate dishes with little or little meat because meat was expensive and sometimes hard to get. People were creative with the vegetables that they could grow and experimented with herbs and spices to create delicious plant-based meals. If you are looking for delicious vegan catering options, these Italian classics that are also vegan will please even the pickiest eaters:


Almost everyone loves pizza, which can be made with virtually any combination of delicious ingredients. Typically, pizza has cheese, which is not vegan, but vegan cheese can be used to create a mouthwatering pizza topped with olive oil and seasonal veggies that have been roasted and seasoned perfectly. Being vegan doesn’t mean that someone can’t enjoy some classic Italian pizza. 

Pizza can also be enjoyed without cheese. A classic Italian pizza crust that is topped with sauce and vegetables is something that even non-vegans will enjoy. 

Vegan Italian Appetizers

When it comes to appetizers, Italian cuisine has a vast range of delicious vegan appetizers that vegans will enjoy, like:

  • Bruschetta – Toasted Italian garlic bread topped with olive oil, diced tomatoes, fresh vegetable spreads, or olive tapenade. 
  • Verdure Grigliate – Seasonal grilled veggies served with olive oil or sometimes grilled onions and potatoes. 
  • Focaccia – Light, crusty, homemade bread that has many regional variations. Sometimes, it’s made with herbs like rosemary. It can be served with olive oil instead of butter. 
  • Zeppole- Balls of deep-fried pizza dough served with dipping sauces.

Italian soups are also a great appetizer choice because they are typically made from beans and other vegetables in a tomato or vegetable broth. 


For a main course, Italian pasta can’t be beaten. Pasta noodles made from wheat flour and water or chickpea flour and water are vegan and can be enjoyed by anyone. Some cream-based pasta sauces can be served with tomato sauce and roasted or grilled seasonal vegetables to make vegan dishes. Pasta with vegetables tossed with olive oil may sound simple, but quality ingredients make a simple pasta dish feel like a gourmet meal. 


Vegan Italian Desserts

Decadent and delicious Italian desserts like cannoli and cookies are usually made with butter and cream. Still, they can be made vegan by using soy milk, almond milk, or vegan butter. Applesauce and other items can also be substituted for milk, cream, or butter in Italian desserts. Popular vegan Italian desserts include:

  • Panna Cotta is made with coconut, soy, almond, and egg substitutes.
  • Cannoli is made with tofu, cashews, or almonds. 
  • Gelato made with a vegan milk base
  • Amaretti Cookies 
  • Biscotti made with vegan ingredients
  • Granita – fresh fruit juice mixed with sugar and frozen 

Vegan Italian Catering For Any Occasion At Bricco Salumeria

When you want to serve all your guest’s delicious Italian food, Bricco Salumeria can create a custom menu with fantastic Italian dishes that all guests can enjoy regardless of their dietary preferences. Visit us in the North End today to learn how we can revolutionize your next social gathering!