No matter how small, planning an event is no child’s play. This is because there are lots of intricate details that need to be considered and put in place. One of the major factors that tells whether an event will succeed is its catering. By catering, we refer to the food and drinks that the guests will be served. Getting this part right is pivotal to organizing an event that will be the talk of the town.

Here, you will find a guide to help successfully plan a small event and cater to them.

Tips for Catering Italian at Small Events

There are many boxes to tick when planning a small and intimate event. They range from choosing the perfect date and venue to inviting the guests. Then comes the tricky part, which is catering to them. Since the event is small and likely made up of close friends and family, it is important to ensure that your choice of food and drinks please them. So, before you decide on Italian, there are certain factors to consider, including the following.

Know Your Guests and Their Cuisine Preferences

Who are the people on the guest list? Usually, small gatherings consist of people who know each other closely. Before catering, find out more information from the host to get the big picture if you aren’t like:

  • Will the event be formal or informal?
  • How often do these guests attend events like this one?
  • Are the guests based locally or out of town?
  • Where do they come from, and what is their background like?

With all of this information you can be able to cater better and present the food in a way that will satisfy the guests.

Provide Alternative Menus

Once you have done your best to suit their cuisine choices, ensure that you provide numerous alternatives they can explore. Offer several buffets, appetizers, and entrée to ensure that they enjoy every meal and the event as a whole.

Take Note of Special Dietary Needs

While taking note of each guest’s preferences regarding food, you need also to note those with special dietary needs and restrictions. They include food allergies like nut allergies and lactose intolerance, food intolerances, religious requirements, and personal dietary, to mention a few. In cases like this, you can improvise the ingredients you use to suit their taste.

Go Fresh and Local

Fresh and local produce taste is usually distinct from other factory-made products. While there is nothing wrong with the latter, the point is that using fresh produce gives the food natural flavors that add to its deliciousness. Also, they provide health benefits and help to make your catered event stand out.

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