Whether it’s open-faced or traditional style, no sandwich is complete without a thick slice of tomato. Tomatoes add a depth of flavor to sandwiches that can’t be beaten. And tomatoes also provide a hearty element that some sandwiches really need. But what’s the best type of tomato to put on a sandwich? Some of the tomatoes that professional chefs and foodies prefer to use on sandwiches are:

The Mortgage Lifter

Big sandwiches call for big tomatoes. The Mortgage Lifter tomato is a beefsteak-style tomato, but it’s an heirloom variety. It’s a big tomato that can weigh up to two pounds. When it’s sliced, each thick slice has a pink color and a meaty texture that is perfect for sandwiches. A classic BLT with a Mortgage Lifter tomato can’t be beaten, especially with thick-cut bacon. 

The Brandywine Tomato

Another type of heirloom beefsteak tomato with a fantastic rich flavor is the Brandywine tomato. One slice of this large tomato is all it takes to fill out a sandwich. The Brandywine is bursting with flavor and gives any sandwich a ripe, fruity taste. Combine a slice of Brandywine tomato with some fig jam and cheese on a sandwich if you want a truly gourmet sandwich. 

Big Boy Tomato

Big boy tomatoes are the perfect tomato for creating a classic lunchtime sandwich. They are very firm with a balanced traditional tomato taste. They’re not quite as large as some of the heirloom varieties, but they are fantastic combined with poultry like chicken or turkey for an elevated version of a traditional sandwich. 

Black Krim Tomato

The Black Krim tomato is a tomato for adventurous sandwich aficionados. This unique heirloom tomato has an intense tomato flavor that is slightly tart. It also has a unique deep purple appearance. It’s rather acidic and can be overwhelming for people who aren’t fans of strong flavor. But foodies love this bold tomato on a sandwich. 

Other popular types of tomatoes for sandwiches include:

  • Early Girl tomato
  • Cherokee Purple tomato
  • Kellogg’s Breakfast tomato
  • Pineapple tomato
  • Green Giant tomato
  • German Johnson tomato
  • Magnus tomato
  • Black Prince tomato
  • Arkansas Traveler tomato
  • German Queen tomato
  • Caspian Pink Tomato
  • Eva Purple Ball tomato
  • German Pink tomato
  • Anna Russian Tomato
  • Porter tomato
  • Kosovo tomato
  • Ponderosa tomato
  • Anna Banana Russian tomato

The Best Sandwiches Have Layers Of Flavors

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