Anyone who has ever been to Italy will be able to tell you that their cuisine is like no other. There’s a good reason as to why this is; every ingredient is given considerable attention to detail! From the environments in which livestock are raised to the types of plants grown around the different regions, every ingredient’s creation is made using uniquely Italian methods. This is especially true when it comes to the different deli meats that Italy has to offer – and there’s no better way to illustrate that than by taking a deeper dive into their best types of salami. We’ll go over the most noteworthy ones below!


Sopressata is a type of salami that we’ve talked about on this website before, so it should go without saying that it qualifies as one of the best! It’s a unique type of salami in that it isn’t made from one type of livestock but several. It combines pork and beef with black peppercorns and other seasonings to create a unique and appetizing flavor that can be applied practically anywhere! Use it as a meat sample for a charcuterie board, a topping for your pizza, or even as a part of your Italian sub sandwich. It’s a versatile type of salami that deserves its spot as one of Italy’s best.


Mortadella is an Italian salami that is made entirely from pork. It’s noteworthy for its protected status amongst other culinary creations, as it has Protected Geographical Indication status in the European Union. This means that in order to be classified as mortadella, it has to be made within one of the provinces of Italy. It’s the most noteworthy type of salami around the world, which has spawned many variations over the years in other countries. The American version of mortadella is called bologna, which is named after the province where mortadella first originated!


This type of salami is unique in that it has officially been designated as “crudo”, which is safe to eat, uncooked meat. It’s made from cured ham and has a delightful flavor that mixes sweetness and saltiness seamlessly. Like soppressata, prosciutto has a wide variety of uses in an Italian kitchen. It can be used on sandwiches and in charcuterie boards as well, but you’ll likely find this as an appetizer if you were ever to venture to an Italian restaurant. Antipasto platters will often have prosciutto as a centerpiece.

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