Italian cooking is an art form – if you do it correctly! There’s a big reason why this style of cuisine is one of the most coveted around the world. In order to make the best Italian meals that live up to the pedigree, you’ll need to put the same tender love and care as the Italian chefs do. Finding the best ingredients and using the proper cooking techniques are two big things to master, but there’s another factor that can take your dishes over the top: the seasonings you use! Italian seasonings can add a new dimension of flavor to your meal. But what are the best Italian seasonings to use? We give our expert recommendations below!


Is there any spice more closely associated with Italian cooking than basil? We’re willing to bet that there isn’t! Basil comes from plants that are closely associated with the mint family, adding a pleasant smell and hint of flavor to your dish without completely overpowering it. Basil is a perfect addition to many pasta-based recipes, including dishes like spaghetti that utilize tomato sauce as well as a variety of types of pesto pasta. Some people also choose to garnish their pizzas with basil, while others add it directly to their sauces to enhance their flavors.


Some Italian restaurants will have some additional garnishes other than your typical salt and pepper. Oregano is one of these seasonings! It belongs to the same family of plants that basil is from, which should give you an idea of just how versatile it is. However, the flavor of oregano is almost the opposite of what basil is – instead of bringing a cooler taste, oregano is warm and a little bitter. Like basil, it works perfectly with many tomato sauce-based dishes like pizzas and pasta. Oregano also works as a seasoning for grilled meats, adding that extra kick to make it taste that much better!


While the previous two seasonings that we’ve mentioned go great with pasta dishes, sage works best as a flavor enhancer for pretty much any type of meat! The main use for sage in Italian cooking is as a garnish for chicken-based dishes, adding a powerful yet inviting aroma that will make you want to dig in quickly. Sage also has its uses in risotto dishes, fresh cheeses, potatoes, and butter-based sauces.

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