Have you ever gone to a different country and tried to order a ham sandwich? You may have noticed that the taste is different from what you’re used to eating at home. This isn’t an uncommon thing; the same can be said for many different foods across the world! The question that remains about them is this: why are these different regional foods so different from each other? In the case of certain types of meat, there are more than a few answers that this question has. We break down the most significant ones for you below!

Animal Diet

Part of the reason some meats taste differently than their counterparts from other countries is because of the diet these animals were raised on. Every country has different dietary requirements for animals in order to yield the best flavor. For example, cows raised in Europe tend to have diets that are less concentrated in corn and grains than those raised in the US. Different diets lead to different flavor yields from each cut of meat, which makes cuts from other countries unique in taste.

Local Wildlife

An animal’s daily diet isn’t the only factor that contributes to its flavor! It has to do with all parts of the animal’s ecosystem, which includes the local plant and wildlife present where they’re being raised. Consider the natural flowers of some countries, for example. In Italy, the national flower is the white lily, while in the United States, it’s the rose. The same is true for the different types of grass, soil, and other plant life present in the country. As the animals graze on these types of greenery, their flavor gets affected over time.

Different Breeds

Not every type of popular meat existed in every country! Over the course of history, some animals were introduced to new countries and continents. Over the years, this has led to country-specific breeds, all of which have affected how an animal tastes. For example, some popular breeds of cattle originating in Italy include Chianina and Marchigiana cows, both of which are noteworthy for their delicious meat content. You wouldn’t be able to find these cows in the US – they specialize in fundamentally different cattle breeds.

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