The world of cuisines is constantly changing and evolving! This happens for a few reasons. Newer recipes continue to redefine what it means to have a delicious meal, and cuisines try to adapt to the changing needs of consumers. Other times, things are brought to light about certain ingredients that cause them to get phased out of regular use. The use of organic ingredients is an example of the opposite of this trait. More and more restaurants around the world are committing to the use of organic ingredients. But, why are they important? We break it down for you below!

They Have More Beneficial Nutrients

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise if you’re familiar with organic foods, but they are way healthier for you than those that are processed! Organic foods don’t contain the pesticides and other agents that processed foods do, which means there is a lot more room for vital nutrients. For example, an organic food contains 50% more healthy fatty acids than that of one that’s processed. Fatty acids are some of the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle, which makes organic foods all the more important!

Lesser Environmental Impact

The fight against climate change isn’t just limited to the gasses and chemicals that we omit! It’s a multi-layered fight that goes all the way down to the food that we regularly consume. Food that is farmed and made organically is much better for the environment than its counterparts. Not only does it use less energy than processing food, but it also leads to benefits like decreased pollution, healthier ecosystems, fewer waste products, and conservation of water. Organic food makes a bigger impact than you realize!

Fresher and Better Tasting Food

Do you know the reason why food is processed in the first place? The job of a preservative is to make a food edible for a longer period of time. So while they can stay consumable for a longer period of time, the freshness and taste of the food suffers as a result. Pesticides and preservatives take the flavor out of whatever food you’re eating. Despite all they do to try to replicate this flavor, organic food is much fresher and better tasting. As long as you don’t let it sit for an extended period, you should be fine!

Organic Food at Bricco Salumeria

Fresh, better tasting food has always been a staple at Bricco Salumeria! Whether it comes from our fantastic selection of catering options or our mouthwatering sub sandwiches, you can always expect fantastic flavors when you dine with us. Visit us in the North End today to see what we’re all about!