Have you ever asked yourself what makes recipes different from one another? In many cases, it depends on regional variations or cultures. Some, while made with a slightly different set of ingredients, can be classified as the same meal despite this. Even more recipes are defined by a strict set of standards and regulations! A surprising addition to the last of these three facts is a sub sandwich. As it turns out, the definition of this sandwich goes far beyond its cylindrical appearance. We break down what qualifies as a sub sandwich below!

It’s Length

There are a few things that distinguish sub sandwiches from other types of sandwiches, but we’re willing to be that you wouldn’t think length was one of them! Sub sandwiches don’t have a maximum length that they cap off at, but rather a minimum length. In order for a sandwich to officially qualify as a sub sandwich, it has to be at least six inches long. Anything below that threshold isn’t technically considered a sub sandwich – despite the fact that the place may advertise it as such!

The Bread Used

Sub sandwiches don’t use just any old bread. If you take two loaves of white bread and make a line with them, you still can’t call it a sub sandwich! Despite this restriction, the type of bread used in a sub sandwich doesn’t have to be a specific type. What matters in this instance is the shape of the bread. Sub sandwiches must be made on cylindrical bread rolls split by length. There are plenty of types of cylindrical bread rolls, such as wheat, rye, and sourdough, but all of them can be used to create an official sub sandwich.

Regional Variants

Depending on where you go in the United States, you may hear a sub sandwich referred to by many names. We’ve gone over a few of these names in the past and what makes them different from one another, but there is actually one thing that they all have in common! These regional variations of sub sandwiches all still qualify as sub sandwiches. They meet the above two standards for this purpose, while the ingredients inside don’t make much of a difference.

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