Have you ever tried to make a sandwich before, but had something go wrong during the process? Let’s say that your sandwich ends up becoming too soggy. There’s a simple explanation for that: you were using the wrong type of bread! Different types of bread mesh with different sandwich ingredients, so it’s like a balancing act to make the right one. If you’ve looked on the menu of our panetteria before, miche bread should be a type of bread that sticks out to you. We’ll go over what makes this type of bread unique from the others below!

What Is Miche Bread?

Miche bread is a unique type of bread that combines two previously existing types of bread. It gains its origins from the country of France – not to mention that the name also comes from there! The word “la miche” in French translates to “the round loaf” in English, which is a good way to describe the shape of this bread. The recipe has evolved significantly over the years, but the miche bread that you’ll be the most likely to find is a mixture of sourdough, whole wheat, and white flour. This type of bread is ideal for a variety of types of sandwiches!

Miche Bread’s Flavor

Most types of bread don’t have a very unique flavor. After all, most bread is designed to absorb the flavors of whatever goes between the slices! Miche bread, like a lot of sourdough breads, differs from this norm. Sourdough bread has a distinctive flavor that is tangy and hearty. Miche bread draws inspiration from this flavor, but it isn’t exactly the same. Because it’s a mixture of multiple types of bread, the flavor is much more mild. You’ll still get a similar level of tanginess to sourdough bread, but it’s not very overpowering.

What Does Miche Bread Pair With?

Miche bread is a lot thicker than most types of bread, which opens up the possibility of adding a bunch of different flavor combinations to it. It’s good for mixing heavier ingredients such as jam and butter, and can even be used to make bruschetta! You can also add it to tomato sauce as a dipping ingredient. If you’re making a sandwich with a lot of heavy ingredients that could seep into the bread, miche bread is a perfect choice for your needs. You won’t have to worry about a soggy sandwich!

Miche Bread and More at Bricco Salumeria

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