Have you ever wondered why Bricco Salumeria is named like it is? It’s not for the reason you would think! A salumeria is actually a popular type of Italian food market that you can find in bunches if you visit the country. However, this isn’t the only type of Italian market you can find out there! In order to get exactly what you’re looking for when you shop, you’ll need to know what the different establishments are and what they offer. We explain how to differentiate between a few of the most popular ones below!


A salumeria is an Italian deli or cured meat shop. If you want to stock up on some delicious cured Italian meats like prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, or sopressata you need to visit a salumeria. The first salumerias opened in the Middle Ages in Italy. Making cured meats was practically an art form, and the artisans who knew all the secrets of creating these tasty meats which would last for a long time were part of an artisan guild. Salumerias were opened to sell the products that the licensed artisans of the guild created. Today you can stop into an Italian salumeria and sample some of their delicious meats.


A trattoria is a type of Italian restaurant that is mid-range. It’s not highly formal and high-end like a ristorante, but it’s not entirely casual either. At a trattoria, you might expect to buy wine by the decanter instead of in fine vintage bottles. The bread served may not be the fanciest, but it will be delicious, fresh, homemade, and filled with excellent Italian olive oil and spices. For casual meals that have a little flair, like for a date night or an evening out with friends, a trattoria is the perfect choice. 


A pasticceria is where everyone goes to get the tastiest desserts. Cakes, cookies, and other pastries are all freshly made in a pasticceria – and samples are always encouraged. You can also get sweet loaves of bread like brioche with chocolate or fruit fillings that are fantastic for breakfast. Have a cappuccino and some sweets to start or finish the day after an amazing dinner. 

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