Construction of a sandwich is more difficult than you might think! You can just throw a bunch of random ingredients in and expect your sandwich to hold up well. Certain meats, cheeses, and condiments pair better with each other – and even with different types of bread! Condiments have the potential to add a world of flavor to your sandwich that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. You may have heard of the most basic ones, but there are plenty of other noteworthy hits out there – we highlight some of our favorites below!

Barbeque Sauce

Barbeque sauce isn’t just good for the meats you put on the grill! Adding a little bit to your sandwich will help elicit the same feeling without needing to turn on the burners. One of the greatest things about barbeque sauce is how flexible it is, pairing well with all of your favorite types of meat. There’s a reason why pulled pork and barbeque chicken sandwiches aren’t shy about adding on this sauce – it’s because it complements those two meats perfectly! Adding a bit of coleslaw to the mix brings the barbeque experience to its peak on your sandwich.

Pesto Sauce

If you’re in the mood for an Italian based sandwich or just need to watch your calorie intake, pesto sauce is a wonderful choice! Pesto is a sauce that you’ll find in pasta dishes more than sandwiches, but the two cuisines follow a similar model; they both pair well with Italian style dishes! Think of sandwich recipes like a chicken parm sandwich or a sandwich highlighting mozzarella cheese. Both of these have their pasta counterparts, which should be a good sign that pesto works well here!


Sometimes, your sandwich needs a richer flavor that most meats and cheese won’t be able to provide on their own. Guacamole has been a fast rising addition to many sandwich recipes for this very reason! This tends to pair well with healthier sandwiches, so think of chicken as your primary meat for this sandwich. Guacamole is especially impressive at bringing out the flavor of other ingredients as well. Try adding it to a standard sandwich and see how much more flavor you get!

Italian Sandwiches at Bricco

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