Depending on where you go in the United States, the people you meet will have very different ideas as to what a sandwich is. They’ll even have different names for them, too! Many states have their own unique take on a signature sandwich, and many of these regional sandwiches have gained widespread popularity over the years. We’ve already talked about some of the most famous versions out there, but there are even more than what we’ve revealed. We dive even further into the world of regional sandwiches below!

Philly Cheesesteak

Out of all the regional sandwiches in the United States, the one hailing from the city of Philadelphia might be the most famous. If you’ve ever been to Pennsylvania before, you’ll likely have wanted to add this to your bucket list! A Philly cheesesteak consists of exactly what it sounds like: shaved steak, cheese (or cheese whiz), and grilled onions are the staple ingredients in this sandwich. This sandwich is served in many other states, but the ones from its city of origin are a cut above what you’ll find elsewhere. 

Po’ Boy

In case it wasn’t obvious from the apostrophe, the po’ boy sandwich is actually short for poor boy. This sandwich can be found in the city of New Orleans in Louisiana, and it has its own unparalleled levels of fame and notoriety. It consists of one of three types of fried seafood: shrimp, oysters and clams. Combined with a New Orleans-style French loaf, lettuce, tomatoes, and remoulade, this signature sandwich can be found in gas stations across the state. Like the Philly Cheesesteak, you’ll find the best quality in Louisiana!

Italian Cold Cut

Despite the name of this sandwich suggesting that it comes from Italy, the true origins of this sandwich come from right here in New England! Cured meats from Italy are combined with provolone cheese, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar for the perfect blend of Italian flavors. It was thought to have first been constructed in New England as well, with rumors circulating that its first use was in Maine in the late 1800s.

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