What do you think are the most important elements of cooking? There are a ton of key items that play big roles in the way our meals look and taste. Sometimes, items that play critical roles come in small packages. This is especially the case when it comes to spices! They can make or break how a meal tastes depending on how they’re used. Oregano has flexible flavors that can add a lot of variety to the meals you create. We showcase how this popular spice came to be so renowned below!


Despite its repeated use in many Italian dishes, oregano doesn’t actually get its origins from Italy! Because it’s a spice, you should expect its roots to stretch further into history than that. Oregano is a plant that was first grown by the ancient Greeks. It first appeared along the Mediterranean and parts of Europe, which made it ripe for taking advantage of by early nations. As the spice trade continued to blossom, oregano became a more popular spice and spread throughout the world’s cuisines.

Why Was It So Valuable?

If oregano is just an ordinary spice like so many others, then what makes it stand out from them? In order to answer this question, travel with us back to the Middle Ages. The spice trade is flourishing, but medicinal advances at the time weren’t doing much. This brings us to the other uses that oregano has. Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it’s helpful for treating things like upset stomachs and bowel issues. Older civilizations used it to treat skin irritations and fatigue among other things. It was even thought to be an antidote to poison at one point!

Oregano Today

Today, you’ll likely know oregano from its repeated use in Italian foods. It works as a seasoning for pasta sauces, goes great as a garnish for pizza, and can even work well with adding more flavor to your meat! It can also work well as a substitute for other spices in your cabinet. If you’re cooking one day and realize that you don’t have any thyme or marjoram in your cabinet, oregano can be a worthy replacement for them.

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