Planning the perfect social event takes a lot of effort. After all, there are a ton of moving parts that have to go right in order for the day to be successful! Presentation and music are two big components of it, but you’ll want to put a large amount of your emphasis on the food you serve. It could make or break the event! A cheese platter is a pretty safe bet in terms of what you serve, but you still want to make it look its best. We share our best tips for making the perfect cheese platter for your next social event below!

Choosing The Right Board

Starting construction of the perfect cheese platter first starts with what kind of board you’ll use to house your ingredients. This is a critical factor, but not for the reason you think. The shape and look of the board don’t matter as much. What does matter is how much space the board has and how many ingredients you’re willing to put on it. You want to make sure everything can be organized evenly and nothing is too crowded on the board. If you have a board that fits your specifications, that’s the one you should use!

Add Variety To Your Cheeses

Your guests are likely going to want plenty of options to choose from on their cheese platter. After all, who’s going to enjoy it if there’s only one option for cheese on the board? The key to picking the right cheeses for your board is to select cheeses from different families. Cheese families determine what kind of taste and texture you’re going to get from each one. Picking cheeses that are aged, soft, and firm will give you a diverse set of options to choose from. The more families you can pull from, the better!

Compliment The Sweet With Savory

The next step to perfecting your cheese platter is adding a mix of flavors that compliment the cheeses you added. If you’ve added a bunch of cheeses with sweet flavors, it’s time to give them compliments by adding savory items to the platter! Almonds, cashews and olives are all small and savory foods that can add a needed jolt to a cheese platter. Crackers and bread are also good compliments for any cheese and should be a staple in your platter.

Catering at Bricco Salumeria

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