Making food is a lot easier said than done! No matter what the recipe is, there are certain tips and tricks that you can incorporate to make the dish taste better once you’ve finished it. When it comes to Italian cuisines, this statement is no different. Depending on the dish, knowing the tricks of the trade can make or break your dish! If you’ve tried to make manicotti at home, you’ve likely run into several problems along the way. We share our best tips for making homemade manicotti to give you the best possible result!

Use A Piping Bag To Add Filling

Would you believe us if we told you that making the filling for manicotti was the easy part? The way you add the filling to each piece can make or break your dish. It can get messy quickly if you let it! If you’re looking for an easy workaround for this problem, head to your local grocery store and pick up a piping bag from the baking session. While these are primarily used for icing, you can use it for the filling here as well! This allows you to add it in a cleaner and more efficient manner that leaves behind little mess.

Don’t Cook The Sauce All The Way

When making a manicotti dish, the three components of it will all have to be made separately. When you’re making the sauce, you’ll need to cook it first before you can add it to the base dish. If you’re planning to do this, don’t cook the sauce all the way through the first time! You’ll want to chop about 10-15 minutes off of a regular cooking time. This factors in the time it takes to cook the manicotti, which also helps cook the sauce all the way through. If you don’t factor it in, there’s a chance you can overdo the sauce!

Cook The Shells To El Dente

One of the biggest problems surrounding homemade manicotti is how you can get the shells to stay in one piece. They have the potential to fall apart when cooking, which can lead to disaster for your dish! To prevent this, cook the shells to el dente before you add in the filling. This ensures that the shells will be firm enough to support the filling at first. When they soften out when you cook the completed recipe, it won’t lead to catastrophe in the oven. You’ll be able to eat them much cleaner, too!

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