Sandwich making isn’t something that you can do haphazardly! There’s a lot of careful detail that needs to be put into every component. This helps to ensure that the sandwich not only tastes good, but isn’t super messy and soggy. One of the biggest components that makes a sandwich what it is is the cheese. Depending on what type of sandwich you’re looking to have, there are different cheeses to go along with them! We give you a guide to different types of cheese and their usefulness on sandwiches below!

Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese is one of the sharpest cheddar cheeses out there, but it’s also one of the most popular choices there is! It’s pretty mild when it comes to taste, but that mildness is what makes it so popular. It’s incredibly versatile, being able to pair successfully with all varieties of meat. If you’re putting prosciutto in your sandwich, some swiss cheese will help to balance out that saltiness!

Provolone Cheese

Like swiss cheese, provolone cheese is another famed cheese that’s notable for its versatility. Unlike swiss cheese, the flavor of provolone is much more defined! It has a far smokier flavor than its other counterparts, which makes it a perfect pairing for meats like ham. For best effect, melt the cheese before you take a bite of the sandwich!

Havarti Cheese

Havarti cheese may not be one you’ve heard of before, but you’ve probably had it by accident! It’s easy to mistake this cheese for Swiss thanks to its rich and creamy texture, but the taste is slightly sour. This quality makes Havarti cheese a good pairing for sweeter meats, such as ham and salami.

American Cheese

Would it be a cheese list without us mentioning American cheese? There’s no doubt you’ve had this cheese before; it’s one of the sweetest and creamiest cheeses out there, which is why it’s so valuable for recipes like grilled cheese sandwiches and Philly cheese steaks. It’s a fan favorite that’s available in pretty much any grocery store!

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