Seafood is one of the healthiest and tastiest food groups that you can eat. Most types of fish have their own hidden health benefits that make them suitable for semi-regular consumption. When it comes to tuna, this is no exception! However, there’s a lot that differentiates the types of tuna from each other. Italian tuna is a great example of a seafood that differs from the norm slightly. But, what exactly makes Italian tuna stand out from its regular counterparts? We break it down for you below!

Levels of Mercury

One of the reasons why tuna should be eaten in moderation is due to the mercury content that makes a part of it. This isn’t to say that tuna as a whole has a high mercury content, but most brands of tuna have some level of them. This is partially what makes Italian tuna stand out from its counterparts; Italian tuna has been known to have lower levels of mercury than the other brands! Much of the reason why its mercury content is so low comparatively is due to how Italian tuna is made.

Canning Process

Did you know that the process for making canned Italian tuna is different from other types? It’s part of what makes it so great! During the canning process, tuna is combined with olive oil and allowed to marinate for a set period of time. How long it marinates plays a big role in the overall flavor, and Italian tuna makers know this. They marinate the tuna for up to two months before it’s ready for distribution. Not only is this far longer than other canning methods, but it also helps the flavors to absorb effectively and lead to a greater tasting tuna.

Olive Oil

The marination period isn’t the only thing that brings out the flavors of Italian tuna; most steps of the process are unique, all the way down to the olive oil used! When making Italian tuna, they’ll generally use Italian olive oil to help marinate into the fish. It helps to make the flavors firmer and even gives it a more unique taste than other tunas. The only drawback is that Italian tuna with olive oil is a little less healthy for you than tuna with water, but the first of the two is far more popular.

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