We all do it: during the winter, we tend to pack on a little weight that we’d love to shed before summer gets started. If you’re in the same boat, you’ll likely need to change your diet around to help you achieve this goal. However, one of the trickiest parts about doing this is finding the best recipes to help you on the path. If you need some great ideas for healthy sandwiches before June rolls around, look no further! We highlight some of our favorite spring sandwiches below.

Vegetarian Antipasto Sliders

Are you familiar with antipasto? It’s the traditional Italian appetizer course that comes before the main meal. These antipasto sliders take all the fun of the antipasto experience and packs it into bite-size bundles of delight. You can add anything from a traditional antipasto dish to this meal, so this recipe can serve as a guideline for what you want to accomplish.

Spicy Carrot Sandwiches

We’re willing to bet that you’ve never seen the words “spicy” and “carrot” paired together in the same sentence! This recipe ventures into the unknown by pairing carrots with red pepper and hummus. It’s an experimental dish, but one we’re willing to call a success. The only way to find out is to try making it for yourself!

Spicy Chicken and Avocado Wraps

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than the taste of an old classic. Chicken and avocado in a wrap is nothing new, but the spiciness of this recipe adds a whole new dimension to the flavors! The chicken is mixed with lime juice and chili powder for an inviting kick, while the avocado and garlic help to soften the blow of the spiciness. If you’re a big fan of spice, this will be up your alley!

Smoked Salmon and Avocado on Rye

If you’re looking for healthy seafood, look no further than salmon! Salmon is one of the best seafoods that you can eat based on its vitamin and mineral content. Chili paste, lime juice and avocado boost the flavor profile of this sandwich and add a bit of a kick to it. Rye bread is also one of the least fattening breads that you can have, making this an all around great option. 

Sandwiches at Bricco Salumeria

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