Just when you think you know everything there is to know about Italian cuisine, something new pops up that takes you by surprise! That’s one of the most inviting aspects about Italian cuisine: there’s never a shortage of new things to learn, recipes to make, and definitions to ponder. For example, have you ever heard of pasta al forno? You likely have had it as a meal before and just don’t know it! We’ll give you a crash course on everything you need to know about pasta al forno below!

What Is Pasta al Forno?

While pasta al forno might sound like a complicated dish at first, it’s actually far from it. Pasta al forno translates to “oven baked pasta”, which means that pasta al forno is nothing more than pasta baked in the oven. It’s usually made with short pasta noodles, cheese, and sauce and thrown into the oven in a pan. You can use a variety of noodles for this dish, but penne seems to be the most common of them.

Is Pasta al Forno Lasagna?

You may have read the above description of pasta al forno and thought that it sounded suspiciously like lasagna. It’s an easy mistake to make! However, there are a few fundamental differences between pasta al forno and lasagna. The cheese used in lasagna is far more creamy than pasta al forno, meaning that it’s a much heavier dish to eat. Pasta al forno is easier to prepare largely due to this fact! Pasta al forno is a bit more common than lasagna for that reason, but lasagna is still more widely known in Italian cuisine. Pasta al forno also doesn’t have as many layers.


The kind of pasta al forno that you eat will largely depend on where you order it from. As we’ve discussed, you can use many different types of pasta to make up the base dish. However, you can also add things like soppressata, meatballs, and even hard boiled eggs to mix and match the recipe! You can also play around with the sauce, adding things like alfredo instead of the traditional tomato sauce.

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