When it comes to good food that you can prepare and eat quickly, paninis are a wonderful staple. Italian brea perfectly grilled with a host of meats, cheeses and other delicacies gently nestled inside comprise these tasty treats. Like many famous Italian cuisines, there’s no end to how versatile you can be with these recipes. You can combine any number of ingredients to make a satisfying sandwich! Do you need some ideas to take your panini making to the next level? We give you some wonderful recipe suggestions below!

Chicken Pepperoni Parmesan Panini

This recipe takes the best ingredients from three separate dishes and combines them to create a wonderfully satisfying meal! Think of combining grilled cheese, pepperoni pizza, and chicken parmesan into one panini. The result is a mini pizza that doesn’t take anywhere near as long to prepare and is more portable than your traditional pie! 

Nutella Bacon French Toast Panini

Many great Italian staples have their own variations that can pass as breakfast food, and paninis are no exception to the rule. This panini is different from the others in that it’s prepared in a manner similar to fresh toast before being pressed. The addition of bacon and nutella bring together all of your favorite breakfast treats. 

Buffalo Chicken Panini

Buffalo wings are a fantastic option, but they can be pretty messy! Minimize the cleanup afterwards by indulging in this recipe instead. It takes the magic taste of buffalo wings and translates it to a cleaner and easier to eat form. You may even want to dip it in some blue cheese or ranch to really mimic the taste! Either way, it’s a great way to make buffalo wings portable.

Pancetta Mac and Cheese Panini

Having a cheat day while on a diet or exercise program can be a good way to get the foods you love while keeping your motivation up. If you’re looking for a panini recipe to serve this purpose, look no further! This recipe takes bacon mac and cheese and makes it more compact. The same great taste will be there with a few more carbs to help keep everything held together. 

Paninis at Bricco Salumeria

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