Italian cooking boasts traditions that have been passed down through generations. It’s led to some of the most famous Italian dishes, cocktails, and even restaurant types on the planet! Something that you might not consider to be a cooking tradition (but it actually is!) is called antipasto misto. This isn’t to be confused with antipasto; antipasto misto is actually a little different from regular antipasto! We dive into the world of antipasto misto and what makes it unique below.

What Is Antipasto Misto?

Despite it appearing like a dish on our menu, antipasto misto doesn’t actually refer to a specific food. Antipasto translates in Italian to “before the meal”. So, antipasto is literally the Italian word for appetizer! For a traditional antipasto dish, meats, cheeses and assorted vegetables are added for the final product. The difference is that antipasto misto relies heavily on its vegetable content to make it stand out from its cousin. If there are more vegetables than most things, it’s antipasto misto!


A lot of menu items that we have can be considered antipasto misto! There are plenty of popular Italian appetizers that fall into this category. We’ve listed a few of them below:

  • Caprese: This is an Italian salad with spinach, tomatoes and provolone
  • Bruschetta: Probably one of the most famous Italian appetizers, this consists of bread and toppings like diced tomatoes, cheeses, and collard greens.
  • Minestrone: A special Italian soup made from vegetables. This recipe has evolved to include meat over time, but vegetables are the primary ingredient.

Health Benefits

The health benefits from antipasto misto depend entirely on what it is you’re getting. For example, on our menu, antipasto misto contains a wide variety of vegetables, such as olives, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and This version is probably one of the healthier options that you can have! If you want to be adventurous and aren’t prioritizing healthiness, you can add meats and cheeses like you would traditionally. What you get out of your antipasto depends on what you’re willing to put in it.

Antipasto at Bricco Salumeria

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