If you’re new to the world of Italian cuisine, there are most likely a lot of terms that you’ll need to be brought up to speed with. However, there are plenty of Italian cuisine terms that each describe different things! Some terms describe a specific type of food, others describe the type of establishment you’re eating at, and others still describe certain courses or ingredients. Amongst all of these terms, you may have seen antipasto come up the most frequently. So, what exactly is it? We dive into all things antipasto below!

What Does It Refer To?

Upon first glance, you may be mistaken as to what antipasto actually represents. You may think it refers to Italian cuisines that don’t include pasta, but this isn’t the entire truth. Antipasto is the Italian word to describe a traditional first course of Italian meals. You can customize the foods you choose to present (which we’ll get into later), but the general makeup includes cured meats, cheeses, and certain vegetables. It might sound like a charcuterie board, but don’t get it twisted! Antipasto is served directly at the table and is akin to an appetizer.

Variations of Antipasto

Antipasto doesn’t have to include all of the different items that we’ve listed already. You can have some antipasto that just consists of meat, some antipasto that consists only of veggies, and some that are even small meals! Caprese is often served as antipasto before the main course. Other variations of antipasto include bread, fish, salami, pickled meats, olives and mushrooms. Since pasta is more of a main course item, typical antipasto dishes do not include it. Other than that, the possibilities are endless!

Is Antipasto Healthy?

So, is antipasto truly healthy to have before the meal? The short answer is that it depends on the makeup of it. If you choose to have antipasto that relies heavily on cheese, for example, it probably isn’t going to be the healthiest! Antipasto dishes like the caprese and those that use a good amount of vegetables can also be healthy. If you’re looking to make your antipasto dish healthier, here are a few tips:

  • Don’t go as heavy on the cheeses
  • Use an assortment of vegetables (Tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.)
  • Substitute your meats with fish (or do both)

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