When you’re feeling stressed out, want to celebrate something great or are just looking for an excuse to hang out with your friends, social gatherings are a great way to accomplish that! However, there are a lot of important things that you’ll need to think about before the event goes off. Perhaps the most important thing to put on your list is food! Most social gatherings have some form of food involved, and catering services are a great way of getting that accomplished. If you want to have an event catered, we’ll show you the best ones to utilize!


Your wedding should be the most special day of your life, but you’ll want to keep your guests happy, too. Whether your wedding is big or small, catering services are a great way of keeping everyone fed! Depending on what people want for food, they can pick and choose from the dishes as they please, so nobody is walking away unhappy. Plus, everyone needs to get their energy levels up to dance afterwards!

Graduation Parties

Is there a more important aspect of graduation parties than the food? In fact, we’d even go so far as to say that they’re the main attraction! Generally, you’ll be getting a lot of people in and out of your area throughout the day. Catering dishes will help ensure that everyone gets their food at a reasonable temperature throughout the day. Your guests will thank you in spades for it!


There are plenty of different types of banquets; some celebrate athletic or academic achievements, some are school-held and usually celebrate graduation, and others celebrate personal achievements in life. What do all of the types of banquets have in common? They benefit greatly from catering services! Since a hearty meal is a central part of every type of banquet, catering services will ensure that everybody gets a sizable portion. As with the other types of events you can host, your guests will be able to mix and match their dishes so nobody is left unhappy.

Catering and Sandwiches at Bricco Salumeria

Whether you’re looking to plan a fun social event or just need to get a bite to eat, Bricco Salumeria is the place to go! We offer a variety of Italian sandwiches, subs, and catering dishes to satisfy your cravings. We also offer catering services for social events! To get the best Italian cuisine that Boston has to offer, place an online order with us today.