Let’s be honest: there are some foods out there that just taste better during certain seasons! A lot of flavors help bring out the best of the season that they’re in, which is why season-specific recipes are so commonplace. When it comes to sandwiches, this fact is no different! There are plenty of different sandwich recipes that are made to be enjoyed during the fall months. We’ve assembled our favorite fall sandwich recipes below for you to try at home!

Autumn Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

You might be wondering what differentiates a regular grilled cheese sandwich from an autumn grilled cheese sandwich. The autumn version of this classic recipe aims to add a ton of fun new flavors to the dish, and it does so very effectively! Instead of the simple chicken and bread, this recipe adds turkey, gouda, and even sliced granny smith apples for an inviting fall kick. It’s as simple to make as a regular grilled cheese, so you can make it again and again!

Apple Cheddar Chicken Melts

If you’re looking for a sandwich that’s packed to the brim with fall flavor, look no further than this recipe! This fall-themed recipe essentially puts an entire meal between two sourdough buns, adding chicken, brussel sprouts, apples, honey mustard and cheese. You’ll be having a well balanced meal in half the time it takes to make a full course one. It’s a recipe that’s perfect both for when you’re in a hurry and when you want to relax with something filling.

Thanksgiving Cuban Sandwich

It wouldn’t be a fall sandwich recipe list without something that fits the theme of Thanksgiving! This recipe takes all of your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers and puts them all between two slices of bread for your enjoyment. Turkey, ham, cranberry jam and cheese go together well on the Thanksgiving dinner table, but they may taste even better in sandwich form! It doesn’t have to be the holiday to enjoy this recipe, but it’s a perfect one to make once it’s passed, too.

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