When it comes to bread, the sky’s the limit on the amount of options you have! There are a ton of different types of bread that work well with different sandwiches and meals. You might be thinking that there aren’t a ton of differences between the different types of bread. Actually, there are far more than meets the eye! One of the best examples of this is mountain bread, a type of bread that you might not have even heard of. There are a lot of things that make mountain bread so great and distinct; we’ve assembled the most interesting of them below!

What Is Mountain Bread?

Mountain bread is often considered a healthier alternative to other types of bread. It’s generally a lot less doughy than other types of bread, and has a thinner, smoother texture. Bread is commonly known for having a good amount of calories for what it is, but the same doesn’t apply to mountain bread. It comes in less than 100 calories per slice, which is why it’s highly favored by people looking for healthier options. 

While white bread and wheat bread are generally regarded as two different types of bread, mountain bread is flexible in that you can make it in both ways! Wheat mountain bread is definitely a healthier option, but there’s no denying the fact that white mountain bread is tasty.

The Ingredients

Most types of bread use yeast as an ingredient in order to make the dough rise when it’s cooked in the oven. While you can make mountain bread with yeast, most recipes for it differ from that norm by taking yeast out of the recipe. Most recipes for mountain bread only use flour, water, and salt. By removing yeast, mountain bread doesn’t rise as high in the oven, which gives it its thin appearance. It also doesn’t include any artificial ingredients or stabilizers that are common in a lot of commercial breads. It goes without saying that the exclusion of those makes it a lot healthier than other options!

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