One of our favorite dishes that fly under the radar here in the North End is the Pizza Chiena. Our pizza Chiena was featured in the Boston Herald for a hidden gem of a dish here in Boston. Those of you wondering what Pizza Chiena is, it’s essentially Pizza Rustica and is a perfect introductory meal for the warmer weather and spring. Let’s do a deep dive into one of our favorite pizzas and what makes them so unique. 

What Is Pizza Chiena?

Pizza Chiena is unique because it’s typically only eaten in the spring in Italian Tradition. Luckily, It’s April and Spring, and the sun is here to stay. Pizza Chiena is a pie crust that contains a cheesy-egg mixture that is filled with seasoning. There are also our favorite Italian Meats stuffed inside of the dish. Pizza Chiena is loaded with flavor and a great lunch option for someone whos looking for something unique. 

Pizza Chiena History

As mentioned above, our Pizza Chiena is called pizza Rustica by others. It was made because it is a combination of pastry, pie, and pizza. Italians created it to celebrate Easter and break the fast that they participated in for lent. Inside of the pie usually contains spiced ham and pepperoni as the two most common types of meat. What’s interesting is depending on the geography of where you are, you will hear it called differently. Some of Pizza Chiena’s most common names are; Pizza Rustica, Ham Pizza, Pizza Gain, Easter Pie, and Pizza Chino

Why You Should Try It

Pizza Chiena from Bricco Salumeria is raved about. It is unique to the season and is hard to find or make during different times of the year. It’s also special because of how many different ways it can be made. Our Pizza Chiena is savory and has a golden crust to it, making it mouth-watering for our customers. 

Bricco Salumeria

Luckily, Bricco Salumeria makes the best Pizza Rustica in the North End. If you’d like to place an order for your springtime lunch or Easter Sunday, call us here. Click here for DoorDash, Postmates, or UberEats. If you find yourself in the North End for lunch, stop into our deli, and we have a large variety of sandwiches that are award-winning, or place your order for Pizza Chiena today!