When you think of a delicious Italian deli sandwich, your thoughts may turn quickly to savory cured meats and melty cheeses. It might surprise you to know, though, that there are several healthy ingredients you can add to your sandwich that will bump up the nutrition factor. Still skeptical? Check out our list of the best healthy toppings in your deli sandwiches!


Spinach is a great healthy topping that can be added to almost any Italian deli sandwich pretty easily. Fresh baby spinach has a light flavor and a delicate crunch that won’t take away from the rest of your toppings. Instead, it’ll add a heaping helping of iron, vitamin C, potassium, and more! It can even be sautéed or wilted for a healthy hot sandwich.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are a staple in lots of Italian cooking, so it’s no surprise that they’re the perfect healthy addition to almost any deli sandwich. They’re crunchy, a little zesty, and they come in four varieties, all with their unique taste, so there are plenty of combinations to try when adding them to your sandwich. Green peppers are technically unripened so that they will have a more bitter taste. Cooking can alleviate this, so pair sauteed green peppers with a hot sandwich. On the other end of ripeness, red peppers are sweet and rich, so enjoy them roasted or raw.

Banana Peppers

Unlike sweet bell peppers, banana peppers pack just a touch of heat. In Italian cuisine, these types of chilis are most often found pickled. The sharp hot-and-sour flavor makes sliced pickled banana peppers the perfect topping for a muffuletta or other cold deli sandwich. Banana peppers are high in fiber, which helps aid digestion that might be otherwise slowed by cheese in a sandwich. Additionally, capsaicin, the chemical that gives the pepper its spicy bite, helps increase your metabolism.


A pleasantly crunchy vegetable with a mild taste, cucumbers are a more hearty addition to a deli sandwich, especially if you’re looking to replace an ingredient instead of adding a new one. They can be sliced as thin or thick as you prefer and do well at filling out a vegetarian sandwich. Add a touch of your favorite Italian cheese for a bit of smoothness, and you have a perfect, healthy Italian sandwich! Plus, you’ll get a dose of vitamins K and C!

Bricco Salumeria

Turning your favorite Italian deli sandwich into a healthier option is easy with the above toppings. Whether you want a hearty meat-and-cheese sandwich or a lighter veggie option, Bricco Salumeria has the best Italian sandwiches in Boston. Stop by any day for lunch, or order takeout from Door Dash or Postmates or UberEats so you can enjoy authentic Italian sandwiches at home!