Whether you are having a gathering of sorts and need large quantities of delicious food or are just extra-hungry on a specific day (no shame), Bricco Salumeria offers hot food trays of our delicious recipes for you and friends to enjoy. They are instant crowd-pleasers and simplify the eating process of gatherings. Instead of cooking and worrying about things your guests like, we have a food tray for every type of pallet and person. 

Lasagna/Baked Ziti 

The kingpins of food Italian food trays. Seen at just about every event that’s catered and requires large amounts of food. The lasagna or baked ziti tray is always a hit. Lasagna is simple. Layers meat, cheese, and layers of pasta. The simplicity of lasagna makes it a big hit, especially for people who are picky eaters. Baked ziti is tossed with different cheeses and has homemade, fresh, and hot marinara sauce from Bricco Salumeria. These two can leave guests stuffed and are an instant impact tray for your next event. 

Chicken Parmigiana 

Another instant classic that’s been around for a long time. Protein is an essential part of the food, and chicken parmigiana can supply a great deal. People don’t eat chicken parmigiana for its protein. They eat it because it tastes fantastic. Our trays feature Melted, gooey cheese with hot marinara and tender breaded chicken. We offer half trays and full trays of it, so you’re able to do half chicken parmigiana and half chicken cutlet if you prefer. This tray is another guarantee at catering events due to the sheer magnitude of people who enjoy the dish itself. 

Meatballs & Sauce/Manicotti 

A not-as-selected tray but still somewhat popular is our gourmet, homemade trays of meatballs and sauce. This will diversify your selection of meat and allow guests to indulge in protein that is not chicken. Manicotti are stuffed pasta tubes with ricotta cheese. Bricco Salumeria’s manicotti are piping hot and served with world-class cheese stuffed inside the shells. A mixture of manicotti and meatballs could push your food selection to the very top, very fast. This is another classic, timeless Italian dish that hasn’t lost its luster. 

Hot Food Trays From Bricco Salumeria

There you have it, the best catering trays in Boston are now at your fingertips, so call Bricco Salumeria today or contact us via this form to inquire about an order of food. We look forward to cooking for you what we’re passionate about, and we hope to hear from you soon.