Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you’re a pasta lover. You’ve probably had our handmade pasta and fallen in love with the idea of creating your own for Sunday dinners with friends and family. If you haven’t been fully convinced that homemade pasta is the way to go over buying dried pasta from a grocery store, this blog will hopefully be all you need to switch on over. Creating homemade pasta is an experience for people, and here are a few ways it is. 

Dried Vs. Homemade

To get started, they both have their benefits for sure. Dried pasta in boxes comes in handy when you are in a rush and need to get dinner on the table in a hurry. This also has some drawbacks. Despite its convenience, dried pasta does not have the same fresh taste that homemade pasta has. It also takes longer to cook and doesn’t have the authentic feeling of homemade. 

Homemade pasta has eggs and more water. This means that it’s fresher and has a unique texture, which is described as decadent. It also can be molded to whatever you’d like and has a fresher taste to it. Dried pasta is massed produced, so you aren’t getting all the nutritional value of homemade pasta. 

Eggs In Homemade Pasta

Having the egg factor in homemade pasta is massive. Eggs provide nutritional benefits to you, such as protein, vitamins, and nutrients that cannot be recreated with dried pasta. It has eggs in it means it needs to be refrigerated if not eaten right away, unlike dried, which can be stored at room temperature for as long as you want. 

The Experience

The experience of making homemade pasta with family and friends is unmatched. It is the unique selling point of homemade pasta, and people get it other than the extra nutrients and freshness. Getting to create pasta is a fun, bonding memory that can be a tradition for your family. It also lets you experiment with other ingredients in your pasta if you want to get creative. 

Homemade Pasta At Bricco Salumeria

Great news here! If you are on time constraints and can’t squeeze in homemade pasta with your family, you can come to Bricco Salumeria in the North End to receive homemade, fresh pasta. This is the best of both worlds so you can experience the taste without spending the time! Contact us here to inquire about homemade loaves of bread and pasta that you can enjoy at a moment’s notice!