Porchetta is another Italian staple. Eating Italian food isn’t tricky. Eating quality Italian food that’s imported, taken care of, and served correctly is the difficult part. At Bricco Salumeria, we take the experience of eating Italian cuisine and dishes seriously. We want you, the customer, to enjoy your first porchetta sandwich, made from Bricco Salumeria and not elsewhere. Let’s learn more about Italian Meat and what goes into it. 

What Is It?

Porchetta is a boneless pork roast that was created in central Italy. Porchetta, whether it be alone or with a sandwich is very savory. This means that it’s more salty and spicy than it is sweet in flavor. Porchetta is salted during its creation and also has plenty of spices on it for maximum flavor. It sometimes is referred to as “Italian Pulled Pork” it does not lack the taste of pulled pork. 

The Stuffing

The pork comes from a very young pig, and plenty of stuffing’s go into Porchetta. This includes; pepper, fennel, garlic, white wine, and salt. It’s roasted for over 7 hours to create the final meat. All the spices allow for the pork’s unique flavor and separate it from its similar counterparts. 

Arriving In America:

Like many Italian Foods, it was introduced by Italian Immigrants in East Coast cities during the early parts of the 20th century. It was soon in Italian delis throughout the United States. It is frequently eaten on the bread of preference and with provolone cheese. You will often find Italian Fair and Celebration goers eating porchetta sandwiches hot out of the oven. 

Should I Order One?

Ordering a Porchetta Sandwich from Bricco Salumeria in the North End is quite the treat. It’s unique meat that tastes different from other sandwiches. It’s tender, savory and the meat almost melts in your mouth. The Porchetta sandwich’s best part is mixing and matching different loaves of bread with it to find which one you like the most. We will make a sandwich that tastes exactly like the ones from our homeland, and if we can provide you some knowledge of what you eat, it’s a double win for us. 

Bricco Salumeria

So, what do you say? Next time you’re craving a deli sandwich, order from Bricco Salumeria in the North End of Boston. We’re currently on DoorDash, UberEats, and Postmates. You can always stop by our shop in the North End or give us a call as well. See you soon.