Paninis are the perfect choice for everyone who’s tired of the traditional sandwich. Rather you want to spice up your lunch routine or enjoy a quick dinner, a panini is a great choice! There are many different types of paninis you can enjoy. If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out this list of some of the best paninis to try.

BZT Panini

You’ve heard of a BLT, but what about a BZT? BZT stands for bacon, zucchini, and tomato. Add some cheese and this toasted sandwich is sure to impress.

Turkey Pesto Panini

There’s no denying the fact that pesto makes everything a little bit better. This panini is made with turkey cheese, pesto, and a little bit of avocado to create the perfect flavor in each bite.

Strawberry, Chocolate, Brie Panini

Who says paninis can’t be sweet? Use rye bread, fresh strawberries, brie, and chocolate to create a dessert in a sandwich. The flavors work together to create a sweet yet savory combination that’s sure to leave you asking for seconds!

Breakfast Panini

Paninis can make a great breakfast on the go too! Eggs, your choice of breakfast meat, and cheese are a great base for a breakfast panini. Don’t be afraid to add some spinach, avocado, and other favorite breakfast additions too.

Italian Panini

If you’re an Italian sub or salad lover, this one is for you. Pepperoni, salami, provolone, and banana peppers combine for the perfect Italian panini. Dip the panini in marinara sauce for an extra flare.

Apple, Turkey, Cheddar Panini

Use granny smith apples, sharp cheddar cheese, and fresh sliced turkey to make this tasty choice. Any type of bread will pair well with this combo, so the rest is up to you!

Chocolate Banana Panini

This option can be used as a breakfast or dessert panini depending on the exact ratios you choose. Freshly sliced banana and chocolate chips or chunks will melt together to combine the perfect sweet treat. Add a little bit of peanut butter to take it to the next level and add a little protein at the same time!

When you’re talking about paninis, the sky is the limit. Don’t be afraid to alter the recipes to fit your preferred tastes or the ingredients you have on hand. Once you’re tired of these recipes there will plenty more to discover too! There’s no longer an excuse for your panini press to sit on the kitchen counter untouched.