Shopping for produce when it’s in season is the key to finding low prices and great quality food. We often think of seasonal veggies and fruits during spring or summer, but every season has their own seasonal items to offer. With fall right around the corner, it’s time to refresh on everything you should be looking out for next time you hit the grocery store or farmer’s market.


Broccoli is something that many of us assume to be the same all year round. It turns out that broccoli harvested during the cooler fall months will offer a sweeter and less bitter flavor.


Trips to the apple orchard are a fall activity and there’s a reason! Check out a local apple orchard, enjoy fresh apple cider, or just get better quality apples on your next shopping trip.


Cranberries are harvested in the Upper Midwest and New England area of the country during fall months. You can create a great cranberry relish or use them to add a twist to any meal.


Garlic is essential to any kitchen. Fall provides plump, flavorful garlic unlike any other season can.


Late summer and early fall are harvesting time for grapes. You can look forward to grapes going on sale and coming with a much sweeter flavor than those you purchased in the spring!


Onions are harvested during the early fall months and then sold all year round. The closer to harvesting time you purchase an onion, the sweeter it will be.


Did you know that if you’re purchasing pomegranates all year round, they likely aren’t fresh? In fact, they’re only considered fresh and in-season from October to December each year.


Shallots are another vegetable that’s sweetest when fresh. Harvesting begins in late summer, so buy these before winter gets any closer.


Most of us associate pumpkins with fall because of thanksgiving pies and Halloween pumpkin carving. Pumpkins are technically referred to as winter squash, but the harvesting season starts mid-fall.


Sweet peppers and spicy peppers are all harvested in the fall. Early fall is the best time to look for local, fresh peppers near you.


Just like most other leafy greens on the list, kale is sweeter when it’s eaten fresh. Fall is the best time of year to find fresh kale without a bitter taste.

Check out your local farmer’s market and shop store ads to get an idea of what’s in season. If something is in the season that you enjoy eating all year round, now is the time to buy extra and freeze it!