Spring brings May flowers, but June brings some amazing summer eats, and one of the best things to take advantage of this time of year are the fruits and veggies that are in season all across grocery stores in the United States. Here are a few great fruits and veggies to try now that are in season and prime for the picking!

If some seasonal fruits and veggies are on your menu this summer, make sure it is these favorites that are in prime eating condition this time of year.

Sweet Corn

Is there anything better on the side of a good grilled chicken or hamburger than an ear of sweet corn. Sweet corn is a delicious treat, but there are a number of things you can do with them as well. Mexican street corn, topped with everything from mayo to avocado and other favorites, as well as simple butter and salt corn, are great summer treats.


Nothing beats a good Fiji apple in the summer. Many think of September and October to be orchard and apple picking season, but there’s nothing quite like apples in the summertime. They seem to be sweeter and great for a good healthy snack or desert, and best of all they run a bit cheaper each week as we grow closer and closer to fall harvest. Nothing beats a good flavor for a good price.


Believe it or not, one of the best fruits or veggies for summer is one not many think of a summer eat. Carrots are in an amazing condition for summer, and there are a ton of great ways to use them. Add them to summer salads, eat them on their own, and even make sure to mix them into some more unconventional ways. Shredded carrots are a great topping on tacos for some healthy crunch, and carrots and peanut butter are a surprising favorite for snack time with little ones.

Limes and Lemons

Of course, the best garnish for a summer cocktail is in season this time of year! Limes and lemons add flavor to literally anything you may want to cook, and best of all, they are cheap. Experiment with them in your favorite recipes.

It’s a great time to shop and eat fruits and veggies, so look out for these seasonal favorites at your local grocery store all summer long.