There’s no questioning rather or not American’s love to eat. From eating competitions to TV channels dedicated to the art of cuisine, food is all around us. This month is used to celebrate that love in the best way possible – snacking! National snack food month is a fun way to share some of your favorite snack recipes and ideas with other snack lovers, so we decided to get in on the fun.

Common Snack Foods

There are some items that have stood the test of time and maintained popularity as some of the most reputable snack foods. While these foods are delicious, many of them aren’t the best option if you have your health and fitness in mind.
Chips – with fun new flavors like chicken and waffles, dill pickle, and so much more, it’s no wonder the temptation to reach for a bag of chips doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Chips tend to be loaded with sodium and trans fats and they likely won’t curb your hunger, so this snack probably isn’t the best choice.
Sweets – candy of all variety is easily accessible through check out lines and vending machines around every corner. While your favorite sweet treat may be delicious, it’s loaded with empty calories and processed sugars. That means you’ll soon be reaching for another snack when hunger returns!
Packaged snacks – while chips and sweets are prepackaged, there’s a whole new aspect to the snacking world that should be noted. Prepackaged snacks of all sorts are designed to be quick and easy on the go. Some fast food chains have even introduced snacking on the go style meals to their customers!

Healthy Alternatives

While national snacking month should be used to share the love of snacking, it can be used for much more than that! We’ve put together a list of healthy alternatives you can enjoy next time you want a snack.
Crunchy and salty – if you typically grab a bag of chips, consider grabbing some veggies instead. They hold a similar crunch at a fraction of the calories. If you want more flavor, try dipping your veggies in hummus! Nuts are another great alternative to try.
Sweet Treats – candy and cookies are great, but nature holds a sweet treat that gets overlooked far too often! Fruit is a delicious snack that’s easy to take on the go. Rather you throw a banana or apple in your bag or slice up some pineapple for later, the options are endless!
Packaged snacks – if you like unhealthy snacks because of the convenience, it’s time to make your own alternative. Preparing healthy options ahead of time makes you much more likely to grab for them when hunger strikes. If you have to have a quick packaged snack on the go, try a protein bar!

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