The Food Network roamed around the streets again and ended up in Boston’s North End, straight to Bricco Salumeria and Pasta!

If you are still in doubt on how good our sandwiches are, well, you are clearly missing out because even celebrities are coming to us to satisfy their cravings. The host of “Cheap Eats”, Ali Khan, revealed in the episode how much he loves to eat our famous Chicken Parm.

“When you have the Chicken Parm sandwich at Bricco Salumeria, you realize you have a new addiction”, he said, and let us tell you, he is not wrong! We make our own bread fresh daily and only use the finest ingredients. The tomato sauce that we use? San Marzano, a tomato sauce imported from Italy to give you that authentic Italian taste! We make the time to create our ingredients because like Ali Khan said, “there is no substitute for time”.

Bricco Salumeria and Pasta is a “legit Italian joint” in a “legit Italian neighborhood”. We are located right in the heart of the North End, a part of Boston considered as the Little Italy, and you can find our stores in one of its alleys. Our Chicken Parm isn’t the only great thing on the menu. We also offer other sandwiches, depending on your appetite and diet, such as Eggplant Parm, meatball sandwich, and of course, the Italian sandwich.

If ever you are by the North End, drop in and try the tasty fresh sandwiches! Call us now!