“The Salumeria at the end of this tiny alley takes the bread that they bake at the Paneteria along with fresh Italian cold cuts and ingredients, and puts it together in a sandwich that really validates the “Best Sandwiches in the North End” sign that hangs outside the alley. Everything tastes amazing and the bread is just perfect. This is one of my favorite spots in the city because of just how good and inexpensive it is.”
-Christian Kousidis, Google Local Guide – Level 5

“My wife and I went there to get a couple of sandwiches based on the phenomenal reviews. Its a nice little place tucked at the end of a narrow alley. When you enter there are assorted homemade pasta (for you to cook yourself) a catering menu and the sandwich menu. The sandwich menu is pretty simple, about 6 or 8 varieties. My wife ordered the meatball parm and I have the panino ( prosciutto, mozzarella, basil, tomato and olive oil). The prices are extremely reasonable at 8.50 for a full sized meal of a sandwich. Most importantly they were arguably the best sandwiches we had ever tasted. Both were absolutely phenomenal, though very different. The panino was light, not guilt inducing, and served cold – perfect for warm weather. The meatball parm, by contrast was a monster of a sandwich, thick, filling and delicious. Like I said both were excellent. You won’t find a better sandwich place in the north end or even the entirety of Boston.”
-Kyle Mastro, Google Local Guide – Level 6

“Amazing!!! Got fresh homemade mozzarella! Great sandwiches that are impossible to eat in one sitting! Very friendly and great service here!”
-Christina Zonia, Google Local Guide – Level 4

“gem that is hidden down the little alley and oh yeah it became a regular stop each week! food is always so fresh and the bread is i mean they make it right were you get it that day! can’t be more fresh than that!”
-Stephen Brooks, Google Local Guide – Level 7

Hands down the best quick lunch in the North End. Stop in and get a sandwich. Fresh bread, fresh meat, fresh veggies. SO GOOD. There is some seating outside or you can grab a drink and walk to the Greenway for a little picnic to enjoy Boston.”
-Katie Bell, Google Local Guide – Level 4

Most amazing Boston find yet. They have an entire homemade pasta bar and charcuterie set up. The fresh cured olives are delicious and the supplemental boxes and sauces are all delicious. I walk through every time I’m in the North end because it’s just nice to get a little bite of something…”
-Terri Lee, Google Local Guide – Level 5