Planning a private event is not without its challenges, especially when it comes to the menu. You either choose a cuisine that everyone loves and raves about, or you risk disappointing your guests and sending everyone home with tummies grumbling. At Bricco Salumeria, we never want our catered event guests to go home hungry. So, that’s why we suggest choosing Italian food for your cuisine of choice. Here are three reasons why…


Most people love Italian food, and eating food that’s tasty has a knack for making you happy. This is likely attributed to the fact that Italian food is often high in carbohydrates, and consuming carbs releases serotonin. Your invited guests will enjoy themselves simply by eating their meal.


Just because Italian food has carbs does not mean it’s unhealthy. When made with quality ingredients, Italian food is quite nutritious. Plenty of dishes are based in garlic and olive oil, which contain plenty of antioxidants. Antioxidants have a multitude of benefits including lowering inflammation and reducing the risk for heart disease. Tomatoes are often a main ingredient as well, and they pack some serious vitamins. Throw in some fresh herbs and you’ve got yourself a nice, balanced meal.


When you choose Italian, you’re ensuring that practically everyone will enjoy their food. Italian cuisine is a genuine crowd pleaser and is often ranked as peoples’ favorite kind of food the world around. Allow the global thumbs up to inspire your event catering choice.

As you can see, there is practically no other choice than to choose Italian food for your next private event. Bricco Salumeria would be pleased to serve you the best Italian food you’ll find here in Boston, MA. If you’re interested, please call 617-248-9629 or fill out our online contact form!