We are ecstatic to announce that we’ve been featured on North End Boston Tour! Check out the article to learn more about what we can do for you!

About Bricco Salumiera & Pasta Shop

If you’re on Hanover Street, turn into the alleyway and you’ll walk into our delicious Italian market. We have plenty of fresh cheeses available, deli meats and homemade sandwiches. Did you know we have over 50 pasta shapes and sizes available? Over the glass cases you’ll find artisinal salumi filled with cheeses and sitting along the wooden shelves are Italian oils, vinegars and other delicious condiments.

At Bricco Salumeria & Pasta Shop we have over 100 sauces, mozzarella, cured Italian meats, cheeses, olive oil and vinegar. When you’re looking for a quick bite during your lunch break, we have a wide selection of paninis and sandwiches to choose from.

For those of you hosting a party or event, we have you covered with our fast and affordable catering services. From meat and cheese platters to Italian sandwiches, our staff is here to provide you with delicious cuisine for your corporate event, family function, wedding party or holiday get together.