Summer is the best time of year to host a party, whether it’s for Labor Day or a back-to-school event, catering your summer bash is the way to go. If you’ve ever hosted a party or major event, it takes hours upon hours to create delicious meals to impress your guests. When you cater with Bricco Salumeria, you can save a bundle of money on groceries and use that time to decorate, clean or lounge around.

Caprese Salad

The Caprese Salad is a well-known Italian dish that has caught the attention of many fitness gurus. Used as both an entrée and an appetizer, the Caprese Salad is ideal for summer parties as it’s a lighter option, perfect for those muggy days. Our homemade mozzarella, tomato and basil pair wonderfully to complete this astounding dish.

Antipasto Salad

The Antipasto Salad features an assortment of fresh, Italian veggies including sundried tomatoes, roasted peppers and marinated eggplants. Of course, every dish tastes better with a hint of cheese which is why we include sharp provolone. To top off the Antipasto Salad, our talented chefs make sure to include antipasto misto artichokes, mushrooms and mixed olives.

Stuffed Shells

Choose either 12 shells or 24 shells, depending on the size of your party. Filled with creamy, white ricotta cheese and our homemade sauce, you can’t beat our baked-to-order stuffed shells. This is a classic Italian dish that many traditional Italian families enjoy during the holidays.


At Bricco Salumeria, our goal is to provide North End residents and visitors with the best Italian food, and that means adding a unique spin to classic Italian dishes. Raviolis are one of the most common pasta dishes out there, and while our cheese-filled raviolis are a hit, we’ve gone above and beyond to add some other delicious fillers. For veggie-lovers, our mushroom raviolis and spinach raviolis are absolutely delicious. Of course, we are always here to satisfy those seafood cravings. Boston is well-known for our fresh lobster and when paired with pasta, you’re in for an absolutely incredible dish. If you can’t decide, feel free to mix and match.

Cheese Platter

Grab a toothpick and dive into our one of a kind cheese platter! Featuring an assortment of cheeses, this creative platter is the perfect start to any party or corporate event. A cheese platter is a great way to start off any occasion. While guests are mingling, they can enjoy a smaller bit before the main course. Give us a call to learn what types of cheeses we offer!